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Offering Taekwondo, Judo & Modern Arnis plus Fitkick Fitness.

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Get started with our
Holiday Special $79!

Includes first month of classes plus a Taekwondo or Judo uniform. Attend any of our three programs.

New students only.

Social: Students develop social skills, while making friends with other students in the same class. Also learn to work together cooperatively, while developing self-discipline and respect for others.

Our classes offer a wide range of benefits for both adults and children.

Fitness: Gain increased physical fitness and improved overall health with a regular routine of training. One can improve muscular strength and flexibility, while also helping to reduce stress and improve mental clarity.

Leadership: Develop leadership skills to instill confidence and discipline to teach important life skills such as communication, decision-making, and problem-solving. Team-building will push you to collaborate and build relationships with peers.

Martial Arts Programs

We offer three martial arts, Taekwondo, Judo and Modern Arnis. You can focus on one or do all three, for one price.




Korean martial art using hand and foot techniques. Emphasis on both forms and sparring.



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Japanese martial art known for throwing oppentents to the ground. Also studies ground techniques.

Modern Arnis

Stick Fighting

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Filipino stick fighting martial arts. studies two stick, one stick, empty hand and knife fighting.

Fitkick Fitness

Get in shape, burn calories, get strong and have fun!

Join us for our one month FitKick Fitness for $49 that incorporates martial arts techniques, high intensity interval training, strength, and stretching into an all-inclusive program that will get results! Beginners are welcome.

Classes are held T/Th 5:30 – 6:15pm
and Sat 9 – 9:45am. 



Each Saturday in January 10 -11am.

Attend as many as you are able to. A Bo staff  is included! Ages 7 and up. Adults are welcome. No experience required. You do not have to be a current student to participate.

Bo Staff January

Parents Night Out

Friday December 1, 6:30-10 pm.

Sign up for Parents Night Out for for an evening of pizza, obstacle courses, martial arts games, rope climbing, tire flipping and so much more! Ages 6 and up. This is open to the public, you don't have to be a student to attend.

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